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Turtle Matrix

Conversations with Lynn Rey, Seer

Sitting with Lynn is unpretentious, simple, and also profound. Lynn has a gift of seeing and making contact with what's often beyond my own perception, and offers that "sight" in a gentle, truthful, and authentic way. There is nothing performative about it. It feels safe, human, real. 


-Will Scott, Weaving Earth

Lynn Rey

Lynn Rey

I'm a mother and a painter. I'm a student of Buddhism and plant medicine. I'm a graduate of Stanford University and Weaving Earth center for relational education. I’m the founder of Stepping Stones, a Bay Area rites of passage program for middle school youth. And I'm also a seer.


I've always been a seer in this lifetime. Growing up, I learned that my experience of reality was often different from those of the people around me. Now I choose to use this part of myself to help others who are seeking clarity by inviting them to sit with me and share a new perspective. I see this as my small part in helping to shift our collective consciousness towards more inclusive, peaceful ways of thinking.

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