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~ Welcome ~



Before booking, please reach out for a

free 20 minute phone consultation.


This is deeply personal work,

so let's take a moment to get to know each other.



If we've already spoken, please review my

Consent & Cancellation Policy.




When you book a sitting, you'll be invited to talk with me

at my home in a cozy shed I call "The Mailbox."

There we'll have an hour long discussion about any issue

or curiosity that’s weighing on you.

I offer a sliding scale rate of

$120 - $240 per hour session.


For more detailed information please read my

FAQs on the About Offerings page.


~ Sittings ~

“When I suspect my perception of a situation is distorted, I go to Lynn Rey to give me a broader, more inclusive and interdependent picture of what’s happening.

This shift in perception both brings me a sense of inner peace and ultimately helps me navigate it from a place of power, clarity and love.”


-Erin Mychele, Spirit Rock Teacher

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